Andre Kertesz – Linda McCartney: A Special Exhibition For Photo London Presented By James Hyman Gallery

Linda’s work will appear at the Photo London Photography Fair for the very first time.


Photo London will return to Somerset House from the 15th to 19th May 2019. Linda’s work will be exhibited alongside that of Andre Kertesz – a photographer she greatly admired – and presented by the James Hyman Gallery.

In placing the works of Andre Kertesz and Linda together for the first time a dialogue emerges between the two artists and the exhibition presents a series of pairings and groups that include: Self Portraits, Decisive Moments, The City, The Artist’s Studio, Portraits, The Natural Sublime, Moodscapes.

Linda was very aware of the history of photography and her own position in it. She loved Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz and Cartier-Bresson. She was very into the Magnum photographers and into Edward Curtis and Robert Frank. I think she saw herself as following in their footsteps, photographing moments in time.

- Paul McCartney

Linda’s platinum prints were made specially for Linda McCartney: Photographs at James Hyman Gallery, London. Staged in 2008 this was the inaugural exhibition of platinum prints by Linda to be presented in the UK. This will be the first time that a selection of the pictures have been exhibited and put on sale since 2008. To ensure each photographic print remains true to Linda’s vision the Caffell studio (with whom Linda worked throughout her career) has personally printed each platinum print, whilst Paul and Mary McCartney oversaw the process and gave final approval. Beautifully presented as large platinum prints, each photograph is for sale in limited editions of twenty five, and authenticated with a certificate signed by Paul McCartney.

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Photo of Linda’s work at the Photo London Photography Fair.
Linda’s work at the Photo London Photography Fair

Watch Paul discussing Linda’s photographs with James Hyman below: