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Linda McCartney’s photography covered an extraordinary range of styles from family to music, social commentary to nature. To celebrate Linda’s work we publish both favourites and rarely seen photos from her archive each week on Instagram.

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Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney — ‘Mother Daughter’

"My mother shaped my view of the world and inspired me to embrace spontaneity and capture the unforced. To show with her is such an honour for me and validates my journey as a photographer." — Mary McCartney

Exhibited together for the first time, the photographs of the late Linda McCartney and her daughter Mary explore the connective tissue of family, common experience, and a love of the photographic medium. Their images are highly instinctual, rather than analytical; as well they reveal a great ability to capture fleeting moments of intimacy.

‘Mother Daughter’ appeared at the Gagosian Gallery, New York between November 20th, 2015 and January 30th, 2016.

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The ‘Linda McCartney Retrospective’ has exhibited at the Daelim Museum in Seoul, Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna, and Le Pavillon Populaire in Montpellier.

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Linda Louise McCartney was born in Scarsdale, New York, on 24th September 1941. She graduated from Scarsdale High School, Westchester County, New York in 1960, and went on to study at the University of Arizona, majoring in Art History.

Linda became a professional photographer in the mid-sixties and went on to photograph many iconic musicians of the time: Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young, and many others. With a portrait of Eric Clapton, she was the first female photographer to have work featured on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.

Years later, when Linda and Paul appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, she became the only person to have been photographed and taken a photo for the cover of the magazine: a neat reflection of Linda’s life both in front of and behind the lens.

Following her marriage to Paul McCartney in 1969, Linda’s photographs became more intimate and experimental. She worked with printing processes such as cyanotypes and Polaroid transfers, producing intimate, emotional work exploring the natural world and family life.

In her parallel career as a musician, Linda received credits on her duet album with Paul, RAM, joining her husband on stage as a keyboard player and vocalist in Wings and touring extensively with the band throughout the 1970s.

Linda’s passion for the vegetarian lifestyle and promoting animal rights led to her two vegetarian cookbooks, ‘Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking’ and ‘Linda’s Kitchen’, becoming international bestsellers in the 1990s. She is widely known for helping revolutionize vegetarian home cooking with her food company Linda McCartney Foods.

Linda continued to work prolifically as a photographer until her death from breast cancer in 1998. Her work has been exhibited by institutions including the International Center of Photography in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

In 2011 a definitive selection of images from Linda’s thirty-year career was published by Taschen in Life in Photographs. A retrospective touring show of Linda’s work has recently been exhibited in Seoul, South Korea, Pavillon Populaire in Montpellier and Kunst Haus, Vienna.


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